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Tuesday 23rd June

Morning chaps! 

Remember that Mrs Price and I will be visiting today to drop off new activity books! 


Apostrophes for possession

An apostrophe is the same shape as a comma (,) but it lives up high! (')

They can be used to show that one thing belongs to another.

When we are talking about one thing, we call this singular (e.g. one rabbit, a teacher, the cat).

When we need to say that something belongs to something singular, we add an apostrophe and the letter 's' to the end of the name it belongs to. For example, the rabbit's leg, a teacher's pen, the cat's bed.

Can you add the missing apostrophes to these sentences?

  1. Peter Rabbits home was in the woods.
  2. The mouses pea was very heavy.
  3. Mr McGregors back was turned.
  4. Peters sneeze was very loud.
  5. Cotton-tails coat is red.
  6. Mrs Rabbits umbrella is quite old.
  7. Peter wished he had not come to Mr McGregors garden.
  8. Peters sobs could be heard from a long distance.
  9. Mr McGregors rake looked like it could really hurt a creature.
  10. Peter Rabbits hope was all gone.

Can you write your own sentences about the things in the table below? There are some verbs to help you, but you can choose your own if you would like to!


Things to write sentences about Verbs to help you

The nose belonging to Peter Rabbit

The basket belonging to Mrs Rabbit

The garden belonging to Mr McGregor

The song belonging to the sparrow

The sieve belonging to Mr McGregor

The blackberries belonging to Flopsy









Today we will be identifying shapes by the number of sides and vertices they have!