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Let's revise our "ar - start the car" sound from yesterday. Have a go at reading these words. 

Challenge: Can you write some words using the "ar" sound?



Think back to the story of Traction Man is here. In the story, Traction Man wears lots of different outfits for each of his missions. Can you design a new outfit for Traction Man? 

Challenge: Label up the main parts of your outfit using some fantastic adjectives that tell us more about what his clothes are like.



Today we will be re-reading the same story you started yesterday. Have a go at reading the Speedy Green Word and Red Word pages before you begin the main story.



Today we are continuing to add two parts together to find the whole. Work through your Tuesday booklet and use the whole part model to help you.



We are going to learn about how things have changed over our lifetime. We will be trying to place milestones of your life in sequence. You may look at old photos of you from when you were younger and see how you have changed and what age you were when you crawled, said your first word, took your first step, when you started school and more.