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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good Morning Year 3!


Wow! What can we say? You all had another brilliant day of work again yesterday. You are all amazing!


In English we would like you to learn all about expanded noun phrase. Remember an expanded noun phrase adds more detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. For example: a huge tree, some colourful sweets, the large, royal castle. We would like you to click on the link below:

We wold like you to watch the videos and then complete the activities. For activity 3 the best expanded noun we read will get 5 extra Dojo points. So get creative Year 3!


In Maths we are continuing to look at multiplication and division. We would like you to click on this link:

We would like you to click on Summer Term Week 4 lesson 1 ‘Multiplying and Dividing by 4 and 8’ and watch the video. We would then like you to complete the tasks given on the BBC Bitesize link below:

Task 1 has 3 different levels. Have a go at the activity level you think is correct for you. If you are unsure which one have a go at the page with 1 star first and then move on to the next one if you found it easy. You do not have to print this off you can show your workings on a blank piece of paper if that is easier.


We would like you to continue with your Science topic of ‘Light’ today by looking at sun safety. First, we would like you read the PowerPoint attached above on Class Dojo and on our class page on the website, this can be your reading for today. Once you have read the PowerPoint your task is to design a pair of sunglasses or a hat that will protect someone's eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. You should also advertise your sun protection item and tell your customers why they need to buy your sunglasses or hat. Remember to explain about the effects of the sun and how your sunglasses or hat can help protect against them.


Please try and read for 5-10 minutes today. Maybe you could read to a neighbour. Remember to follow social distancing guidelines. 


If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page. 


Remember there are Dojo points up for grabs for every picture we see of completed work and points for going above and beyond by completing extra tasks.


Have an amazing day and stay safe.


Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury