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Tuesday 14th July

Maths – Complete pages 50 & 51 in your Maths CGP book looking at area. The area of a rectangle/square is the width times the length.


English – Complete pages 52 – 53 in your English CGP books based on spellings. Remember, a hyphen is used between two words that are linked e.g. a well-liked student. With plurals, make sure you read the guidance above the questions before giving the work a go.


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


PSHE – As the year comes to an end, it is important to look back and reflect on things you have enjoyed. I would like you to write a paragraph about something you have particularly enjoyed about Year 5. It could be about anything that happened since September. Please explain what you enjoyed about it. I would appreciate if you would then read it out during our Zoom session so that we can share our enjoyment together.