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You did a super job of making your passports yesterday. After learning all about airports and making a passport, I thought it would be fun if we role play going on holiday today. Before we go to the airport though, we need to pack our bags! 


You might like to use the document below to sort the clothes into the correct suitcases for travelling to somewhere hot or somewhere cold. If you have a printer, you might like to print this off and cut the items out to stick in the correct case. Alternatively, it might be more fun to pack a bag for real at home!


If you were going somewhere sunny, what would you need to pack? A sun hat? Jumper? Sun tan lotion?


If you were going somewhere cold, what would you need to pack? A jumper? Shorts? Gloves?

Now that your suitcase is packed, grab your passport from yesterday and fly away! You could make a plane in your house using chairs or cushions. Maybe some of your teddies and toys can be the other passengers. Who is going to be the pilot and fly the plane?