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This week we have been learning about different modes of transport. Yesterday many of you built some brilliant rockets and space shuttles and blasted off to the moon just like baby bear did in our story of ‘Whatever Next’. We are going to continue to look at travelling by air today and begin to learn more about airports.



An airport is a place where people go when they want to travel on a plane. Airports can be big or small. Some are small fields with one runway (a runway is like a straight road that the plane goes down before taking off and flying into the sky). Planes at small airport will make short journeys. Some airports are really, really big! They have lots of runways and the planes fly long distances to countries all around the world.


Take a look at the PowerPoint or PDF document below to find out more about airports and what happens when you travel by air. 

If you would prefer, you might like to watch the video below of 'The airport superheroes' instead. Join the Maddikins on their journey through Infinity Airport. Watch out for the 'Superheroes' who help get them on holiday.

The airport superheroes - BBC Bitesize

The airport can be a scary place if you don't know how it works. It seems impossible to keep control of such a busy place but there are lots of 'superheroes'...

Before we get onto a plane, we need to show our passport. A passport has your name, picture and some other important information about you inside. You have to have a passport to show security who you are and to tell them that you are allowed to get on the plane. I thought it might be nice if we have a go at making our own passports today ready to go on holiday tomorrow! 


If you have a printer at home you might like to print off the template below from Twinkl to make your own passport. If you don't have a printer, please don't worry, you can simply fold a piece of paper in half to make your own. Remember, your passport must have a picture of you in and your name. Can you write you name without an adult helping you today?