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Our topic for the next half term is all about ‘Terrific Transport’. We all have to travel from A to B, even if we walk everywhere. We travel to school, we travel to the shops, we all can’t wait to travel to see family and friends again after lockdown! Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about old and new transport, transport on land, transport in the air and water transport too. We will be learning all about road safety, reading and making maps, role playing airports, train stations and boat rides, making tyre rubbings, creating 3D models of vehicles, imitating vehicle sounds with musical instruments and much, much more. Learning all about transport also gives us the opportunity to look at how we impact on the environment and what we can do to make the earth, and ourselves, healthier.



To begin our topic today, let’s have a think about what transport is and which types of transport we already know about. Why not listen to the transport song by Jingaloo below and see if you can identify the modes of transport in the song. Can you think of anymore types of transport that weren’t included in this song?

Transport Song

How many different forms of transport can you think of? Sing along with Kerina and James in this video, and see if you can keep up with all the actions!!Lyri...

Once you have listened to the transport song, take a look at the photos below. There might be some types of transport you have seen before and others you haven’t yet. Where do you see these modes on transport, on land, in the water or in the sky?

If you would like to, why not go for a walk in your local area. Which modes of transport can you see? Can you spot a bus, car, bike, van, lorry, plane, helicopter? You might like to take a minute or two to find somewhere to stand or sit and watch the transport go by. Maybe you could even count how many cars you see? If you are isolating and unable to go outside currently, please do not worry. Instead you might like to look out of your window and spot transport nearby your house. I’d love to hear about all the modes of transport you find!