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Our topic for this week will be....


Exploring Technology!


On Thursday of this week we will be celebrating 'Safer Internet Day'. We will spend the day completing activities and taking time to think about how we can stay safe on online and what and who we can trust online. Our topic work this week will therefore be focused around technology and the internet. 


Today we will think about what technology is and where we might find it. Computers are all around us! In our homes, at school, at the shops, outdoors, computers and technology can be found everywhere. Listen to the Cbeebies song below by Nina and the Neurons and see if you recognise any of the technology in the video.

CBeebies: Computers Are All Around Us Song from Nina and the Neurons Go Digital

Sing along with Nina and the Neurons.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe c...

Click on the link below to open a powerpoint from Twinkl. It is filled with photos of different types of technology. Take a look at these photos and, with an adult, discuss the questions below. 


What can you see?


Have you used any of these things before?


Have you seen other people using these things?


What other types of technology do you use at school or at home?

Twinkl Powerpoint - Technology all around us

If you would like to, take a look at and choose one or more of the home learning challenges below to take part in and explore technology further!

Twinkl - Exploring technology home learning challenges