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Today we are going to look at the Christian celebration of marriage and the symbols of love shown in the ceremony and how they represent eternity. Take a look at the video below and see if you can spot different elements of the wedding that represent eternity. 

Christian Marriage.mp4

Still image for this video

Now you've watched the video and spotted the elements that represent eternity have a read of the bible readings below and see where it talks about love - this is another thing in life that can last for eternity in different aspects. 



This afternoon for Science we will be learning about how nutrients and water are transported around our body. Have a read of the slides below - this will give you lots of information about our circulatory system and how our hearts and lungs work together in order to pump blood around our body. Once you've read through the slides have a go at writing a description about how the circulatory system works and what it does for our body.




Today in this lesson you are going to learn about another natural disaster and one that has been in the news most recently. You may have seen or read about the tsunami that happened in Tonga over the weekend, this has had devastating effects to those that live in Tonga. The tsunami that happened in Tonga was as a result of an underwater volcanic eruption. Take a look at the information on the BBC News website about what happened and view the satellite images of the volcano before and after the eruption. Not only have the tsunami waves reached Tonga there have also been warnings put in place across in California too. 


Tonga Satellite Image


Tsunami Information


Now you've read about how tsunami is formed it's time to do some work related to this natural disaster. Read the text and answer the questions - see what else you find out about tsunamis.