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Last week you did a fantastic job of beginning to recognise different modes of transport and identify which vehicles move on land, which travel through water and which can fly in the air. Today we are going to see if we can identify which vehicles are old and which are new. The cars, planes and buses that we see today haven’t always looked like they do now! Below I have attached the Twinkl document – ‘Transport: Old and New’. Look at each picture carefully, does it look like transport you would see today, is it new? Or does it look old? What is different about the old and new bus, old and new aeroplane, old and new tram etc. ?  


Once you have found out which modes of transport are old and which are new, if you would like to, how about designing a car for the future! The future is time that hasn’t happened yet, it is to come. If you could create a car to drive when you are older, what would it look like? What would it do? Would your car have a special button that when you press it your car can fly? Or would your car move through water? Would it be pink, blue, silver? How many passengers will it carry? You might like to draw your future car or maybe you would prefer to make a junk model of it instead. I can’t wait to see what your car will look like and do!