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Nursery times are 8.45 am – 11.45pm. It is important to arrive and collect children on time because they can become upset if they are late arriving/you are late to pick them up. It also helps them to learn the necessity for good timekeeping.

When you bring your child into Nursery, please could you help them to remove their coat and personal items and put these on their peg.


When collecting your child, please wait outside on the playground and a staff member will call your child to come to meet you. If you anticipate being late picking up your child – please telephone so that we can explain this to him/her.


If someone other than yourself or a known person that we have met before is collecting your child they will be asked to give a password that will be set up by yourself.  If we are in any doubt, we will not send the child home until we have phoned you or your emergency contact.


Please be aware that due to the current Covid 19 situation a one way system is in place and we ask all parents to follow this when dropping off / collecting children from school.  This is to help ensure the safety of everyone.  Thank you.