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Thursday 4th March 2021

Good Morning All!


8:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:20 - 11:20 11:20 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:45 12:50 - 1:10 1:10 - 2:20 2:20 - 2:45


Google Classroom Meeting at 8:40 - 8:55



Google Classroom Meeting at 10:20 - 10:35

RE Lunch

Mr Oakley Reads Blitzed

Google Classroom Meeting at 12:50 - 1:05

DT Reading for Pleasure


Our timetable for the day is above which will show you when each lesson will be. We will stick to these video times for the forseeable which should help you plan your day around this. 


We will continue with the 3 video lessons a day, there will be 15 minutes of input and then the rest of the time will be your own to go and do the activities.

Please send your work into me via Dojo, Google Classroom or email (

We will be marking this work and using it as proof of attendance for each day.


Feel free to watch newsround each day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world.



So today is the official World Book Day (however we will be celebrating our World Book Day next week when we are all back in school). So lets have a bit of fun with books.


Having now finished "Blitzed" by Robert Swindells, I would like you to design your own front cover, with illustration and blurb. A front cover needs to be eye-catching, show a little bit of the story but without giving away too much! A blurb is a paragraph or two on the back of the book that explains a little bit about the beginning of the book, they often end on a shocking revelation! 


I have put some examples of the current front covers and blurb of "Blitzed" but I want you to make your own up.



I'm going to go through some SPaG in our Google Classroom Meeting. Again, make sure you are logged in and ready to write by 10:20am as we will again only have 15 minutes of live video. You will need your plain exercise book ready with something to write with.


A couple of weeks back we looked at commas and the wide variety of ways they can be used. Commas are so important in all stories and if you read through your reading book, I bet you will spot more than 10 of them on each page! So today we will work through pages 46 - 49 in our CGP SPaG book.


After the commas you will need to use brackets and dashes for extra information. These always go around words that are not needed in a sentence (extra information)> Watch the video on the website below for guidance.



Key Question: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on earth?


Mrs Riley has set us our RE work as usual today. Look at the questions to discuss with an adult at home: 


How many famous people can you think of who have inspired others? Can you identify the 5 people on the pdf sheet and find out how they have inspired other people? Use a tablet/computer/laptop to research what they have done.


Activity: Choose one of the people on the other Inspirational People sheet (Malala Yousafzai, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandala, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, Sir Cliff Richard, Corrie Ten Boom) and research the questions on the fact file sheet. Complete the sheet ready for next week's lesson.

Reading with Mr O


Log back into Google Classroom for a live reading of our class reader "Blitzed" by Robert Swindells. We're read the first 4 chapters and will soon find out about George's antics on his street!


Make sure you are logged in by 12:50pm to ensure you don't miss any of the story!



We are running a World Book Day competition over the next couple of weeks. This competition will involve a prize for each class and the winning entry will be displayed in our school library. Our competition is to create a 3d model of your favourite book or character. It can be made of anything and as expressive as you like. There are some examples below for you to look at. 

You obviously don't need to finish this today as you have till the 15th March to bring in your entries! You might to use today to plan your idea and to start gathering materials.

Reading for Pleasure


Finally, lets sign off the day with 20 minutes of reading your school reader or a book that you are enjoying. Send a photo of your signed reading record through to me.


Well done for today everyone! See you bright and early at 8:40am on Google Meets! And don't forget to send all of your work through to me on Dojo, email or Google Classroom.