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Thursday 4th March

Good morning Year 3.

Welcome to a traditional day of remote learning after

yesterday’s non-screen day so I look forward to seeing you all at 9.25.

Please read on to find out what we will be doing today.










































Times tables














Mr Gilbey Reads


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05





Google Classroom call @ 2.20




09.00 – 09.25

Maths times tables


We are going to continue our work on “Hit The Button” this week, and I want you to carry on practising the Hit The Question element.

Therefore please choose a times table to practise, but select it from the right hand side of the screen…


You will be given an answer, and you have to select the multiplication that would have given you the answer.


Please choose the times table you are least confident on, and see how much you can improve your score over this session.



09.25 – 10.25

Maths – Right angles as turns


Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


Before we go any further let’s just remind ourselves about what we have learnt about angles and specifically right angles.


Angles are measured in degrees using a protractor.

In a circle there is a complete rotation. This is 360° (degrees).

This means that in half a rotation there is 180° and 90° in a quarter rotation.


Today we are just going to use right angles, but in thinking about turns.


When looking to describe a turn we need two pieces of information…


  1. How much we turn

When turning a right angle, this is described as a QUARTER TURN.

It may also be referred to as a 90° turn.

Equally if you was to have a half rotation, you would then be facing in the opposite direction. This half turn could be referred to as a 180° turn


  1. In what direction.

When turning we describe the direction we turn as either…

  1. Clockwise – the direction hands move on a clock
  2. Anticlockwise – the other direction to how hands move on a clock.



Let’s look at some examples…


As you can see this person is presently facing the circle.

If he turned one quarter turn clockwise he would be facing the square.

If he then turned another quarter turn clockwise, he would then be facing the yellow rectangle.



Let’s go back to our starting position again…

Now if this person was to turn one quarter turn anticlockwise he would be facing the triangle.

From that new position, if they turned another quarter turn anticlockwise, he would then be facing the rectangle.



I would like you to practise this idea of turns and directions independently with the below activity.


You are given a map like the one above.

You are then given a starting position that you need to imagine facing, and then an amount of turn and direction of turn.

You need to confirm what shape they will be facing after their turn.



If you have completed the above, why not use this turning vocabulary and knowledge to write directions to move from one room of your house to another.

For example, in the Gilbey house to move from the front door to Jessica’s playroom you would need to…

Walk forward 5 paces.

Quarter turn anticlockwise.

Walk forward 5 paces.

Quarter turn clockwise.

Walk forward 7 paces.

Why not write out some direction then ask an adult to follow them and see where they end up.

You may need to tweak the number of steps but have you got the amount and direction of turn correct?



10.40 – 11.05

English – Boggle


As we start to look forward to everyone coming back into school on Monday, let’s celebrate one activity we have all enjoyed… our Boggle.


Please see today’s set of letters…



How many words can you make using only the above letters?

I can also confirm there IS a 9 letter word today. Can anyone find it?


Couple of top tips…

Please remember I am only counting words of three letters or more!

It will help if you write out the letters in a different order. This will help you see words you did not see previously.





11.05 – 12.00

English – Persuasive writing comprehension

Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


Today I am going to challenge you to answer questions on several short persuasive texts.

This will not only test your ability to answer questions on a text but also give you a chance to read several persuasive texts which will build your understanding of this style of writing.


These persuasive texts are only short, so even after reading each text three times, you will have enough time to complete two, if not all three.


Before starting on the texts, let’s remind ourselves of our Comprehension Rules…


  • Read the text three times before even looking at the questions!
  • For today, I would recommend you read the text three times, then answer the questions, before moving onto the next text.
  • Remember to underline key information.
  • Do not be afraid to move on if you cannot answer a question then you can return to it at the end.
  • The answers are in the text, all you have to do is find them!
  • Be sure to read the question carefully. If it asks for two things, give two answers.


Follow these rules, take your time, and you should be able to read and answer at last two of these texts.



1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Let’s return to our Bug Club library and use these 20 minutes to settle down, get comfortable and have some quiet reading time.


I will review everyone’s Bug Club usage so I will see when you have less than 3 books remaining and if you have scored over 80% on the questions I will be able to move you up to the next book band.




1.20pm – 1.50pm


Last week we watched a short video introducing us t some of the miracles Jesus is said to have performed.

Please use this time before our PE challenge to watch this second short video talking about some of the other miracles attributing to Jesus…

The Miracles of Jesus Lesson 2

We will then discuss these when we return to school and talk about the similarities and differences between these Bible stories.



1.50pm – 2.20pm



No more of “That PE Challenge was too easy”! Oh no!

Today I have raised the difficulty to a whole new level.

Please have a watch and see if you can complete todays super tricky PE Challenge.

And no, it does not need to be a pink trainer.

All I would say is please be sure to clear lots of space around you. I would hate for you to break something every time the trainer falls off your foot!

Physical Challenges! - #1 (the shoe)

2.20pm – 2.55pm

Mr Gilbey Reads…


Join us at 2.20pm for our final visit to the “Nothing To See Here Hotel” this week.

What could the black raven and the goblin riding on its back be delivering?

Good news? Bad news?

As long as Frankie and the giant spider can get down the stairs in time, we should find out at 2.20!