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Thursday 4th February 2021

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all ok.  The children in Nursery wanted to make a short video to say 'hello' to their friends at home.  I hope you enjoy it.


Here are some suggestions for activities that you may want to do today.


Kind regards,


Mr Leese

'Hello' from Nursery

Still image for this video
All of your friends wanted to say 'hello'.

I have been sharing all of the photographs that you have sent in of your home learning with the children in class.  Many of the children wanted to send something back so we have produced this short video.  


If you would like to draw a picture with a message on it for your classmates and take a photograph of it and send it to me then I will share it with the children.  I know they would love to see it. 

We tried different flavours of porridge in class. Can you see which one was our favourite flavour?

The children made and tasted different flavours of porridge in class.  We tried plain porridge and salt flavoured with sugar, syrup and salt.  The chart above shows how many children liked each flavour.  

Perhaps your would like to make some different flavours of porridge to try and see which one you like the best. 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /r/

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Lowercase Alphabet Letter R Learn to Read and Write

Learn to read and write the lowercase letter R with this fun and engaging letter formation video. Listen to the phonic sound the letter R makes over and over...

The new sounds for today is 'r'.  Watch Geraldine learn the 'r' sound and have a go at writing it.  I have attached a sheet to help you with your writing.  

Writing the letter 'r'

Word Reading - Use your sounds to blend these words