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Thursday 30th April


Can you follow these Zumba moves? Its a song I know you love during Golden Time!

Mr Lester does RWI: a-e - make a cake

Let’s learn another “ay” sound together with Fred.

Follow this up by playing Dragon’s Den on Phonics Play. Choose the “a-e” sound within Phase 5 and sort those real and nonsense words!

Mystery Story

Look at the princess. How does she feel?

Why didn't the princesses tell the queen about the uncomfortable bed?

What is the queen thinking?

Who is outside the palace window?

How will the pea help the prince find his princess?



Follow this link to the White Rose maths video for today on problem solving.


•You can complete the activity page on the webpage by clicking the pink link.

• Alternatively, you can complete the assigned activities on Mathletics:


Pippety Skycap

Time to create a fact file for your very own pixie. You could lay it out similar to the example below or design your own. Maybe you could add some extra information.

A royal animal mystery

At the Royal Armouries, they have some amazing suits of armour that look fantastic…including this one! It has a wonderful animal in its design. Can you help George and the curators find out the name of this armour by looking for the animal in the pattern?

Time to design your own suit of armour. Remember to include an animal into the design! If you need some inspiration, have a closer look at our armour by following this link:

Calling all mini-teachers!

Do you have a suggestion for an activity to complete tomorrow. Maybe its a mini-project or maybe its a new golden time game or activity. Let me know and I'll share it with your friends.