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Thursday 2nd July

Mr Oakley is looking forward to seeing the pupils who are taking part in our Keeping in Touch days. If you are joining us, please do not complete the work, just bring in your CGP books (& your reading book) so that we can complete all of the activities together. As I will be in school all day, Dojo replies will not be possible.

Maths – Complete pages 68 & 69 in your Maths CGP book looking at translation. Translation looks difficult but is an actually really easy. All it actually means is moving the shape! My top tip for this is to pick a corner to work from and move that corner first before redrawing the shape in its new position. Make sure you use a ruler!

Answers are at the back of the book.


English – Complete CGP Comprehension Book TWO Pages 16 - 17 “The Oak and the Linden Tree” and Pages 18 – 19 “Cora & the King”. Remember to explain your answers as we spoke about on Zoom the other day – 2 mark questions means explanations are needed to get any marks! Please send a photo of the finished work in.


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


P.E. – We’re going to give a new game a go. You need to find a partner to do this, it could be an adult or a sibling. Stand 2 metres apart from each other and turn to face your opponent. Label yourselves partner 1 & partner 2. Partner 1 must perform 5 movements (as big or small as you like). Once you have finished all 5, your partner must try and copy these movements exactly. If partner 2 is successful, partner 1 must redo all 5 and add on 2 extra movements. Partner 2 then attempts to copy. Each time partner 2 gets it correct, partner 1 must redo their routine adding 2 more movements onto their routine. See how many movements you can build up to. Once partner 2 gets it wrong, they start a new routine with 5 movements that partner 1 must copy.