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Thursday 2nd July


Yesterday we looked at past, present and future tense. Today we are talking about a type of past tense - the past progressive tense! 


The past progressive tense describes something that was 'in progress' or was happening for a certain amount of time. It is formed when we use he past tense of 'to be' (was) and a verb with an -ing ending.


For example, this sentence is in the past tense:


Peter walked around the garden.


This sentence is in the past progressive tense:


Peter was walking around the garden.


This makes it sound like he was doing it for a little while.


If there is more than one person doing the activity, we need to use 'were' instead of 'was'.

For example, if we are discussing the rabbit siblings, we might say this:


The bunnies were walking around the garden.


Challenge 1: Change these sentences from the past tense to the past progressive!


Challenge 2: Write some sentences about Peter Rabbit and his story using these words from the word bank. Make sure it is in the past progressive tense!

I have done the first one for you: 

Peter's sisters were missing him.


Today, in our data handling week, we are learning about pictograms. Watch the video below to recap how they work!

Challenge 1: Complete page 57 in your activity book.

Challenge 2: Use your information from the last few days' information to create a pictogram.


This lesson will be all about the parts of a computer.


Spend ten minutes reading - it could be a book you have at home, or this eBook I have uploaded...