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Thursday 28th January 2021

Hi Everyone,


You are working really hard with your home learning.  I am very proud of all the fantastic work that you are doing.  


Today we are learning the sound 'b' and having a go at writing it.    For maths, there is a ladybird game to play - try to count the spots on the ladybird.  There is an investigation to do about what makes a comfortable bed because we all know that Goldilocks didn't like Daddy Bear or Mummy Bear's bed and there is a story to enjoy.


Remember, these are only suggestions but I hope you find them enjoyable.  


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese

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What makes a bed comfortable?

Story Time


Here is a new story to enjoy today - The Rainbow Fish.


Watch the video and then discuss these questions.


1) The Rainbow Fish was described as ‘beautiful’.  What does ‘beautiful’ mean?

‘Beautiful’ means that something or someone looks very nice. 


2) At the beginning (start) of the story, do you think the Rainbow Fish was a kind fish?  Why/why not?

The Rainbow fish was not very kind because he wouldn’t share any of his shiny scales.  Rainbow Fish was also rude.


3) Why did no one want to play with the Rainbow Fish?

They did not want to play with him because he was rude and would not share.


4) The Rainbow Fish became ‘lonely’.   What does ‘lonely’ mean?

Someone is lonely if they are on their own and would like to be with others.


5) What did the octopus tell the Rainbow Fish to do?

The octopus told the Rainbow Fish to give away his shiny scales.


6) Did the Rainbow Fish feel happy after he had given away his shiny scales?

Yes he did.


7) What does this story teach us?

The story teaches us to share and be kind to others.  It also teaches us that we can be happy by giving things to others and sharing.


8) Did you enjoy this story?  Why/why not?

No right or wrong answer to this one as long as children have justified their choices.

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