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Thursday 26th November

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1:00 – 1:20


1:20- 2:20

2:20- 2:45









Mr Gilbey reads…




09.00 – 10.00


Fractions of an amount DAY 2

Zoom call at 9am for the first 15 minutes.

Today we are going to use our ability to calculate fractions of an amount to find our way through a maze.

Can you remember the three steps to calculating a fraction of an amount from yesterday?


What is 2/3 of 12?

Step 1

Draw the number of objects. So for this question we would draw 12 circles…


Step 2

Split the 12 into the same number of groups as the denominator (in this case 3)…


Step 3

Count how many are in the same number of groups as the numerator (in this case 2)

ANSWER = 2/3 of 12 = 8


Use this skill on the starting fraction in th top left of the maze, then follow the path with the correct answer.

Then attempt the next question you face.

Carry on till you find your way out of the maze.

Please attempt the first maze, and if you have time, there is a second for you to try as well.




10.15 – 11.15

Spanish – Christmas in Spain

I have heard from you all how much you enjoyed combining our two favourite things of Spanish and Christmas.

So in this lesson I want you to research what Christmas is like in Spain.

Are their celebrations different to ours?

Do they eat the same type of food?

Do they have their Christmas meal on the same day as us?

What are their decorations like?

Is there a celebration they do in Spain that you would like to do in class?


I have found the below web sites which have lots of nice information for you to read.

But also feel free to look at other sites if you wish.

Please write down the facts you find most interesting in your English books, and we can look at them next week in class.

Don’t forget, if you have some free time why revisit “Silent Night” in Spanish….




11.15 – 12.15


Talk for Writing – The Truth About Trolls

Pages 14 and 15

Zoom call at 11.15am for the first 15 minutes.

Time to return to our Trolls project.

As we have had a day off from this, why not start by re-reading the information text on pages 3, 4 and 5.

We are now going to think about what information we would like to include in our own Trolls fact file.

Using the underlying structure of the text in the booklet as a steer, let’s think of our own subheadings we could include. We may choose to keep one the same, for example the introduction and what they look like. However we could then add a subheading of “What trolls do on holiday” for example.

Complete the right hand column on the table on page 15 with your own ideas.





1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Get your cushions and blankets out, snuggle down somewhere comfortable and do some independent reading.

If you have an opportunity why not visit the Oxford Owl site I sent out on Class Dojo yesterday and read a book from their collection?

Remember to keep count of the number of pages you read and tell us this number on Class Dojo so we can add them to the class total.




1.20pm – 2.20pm

Maths fluency – adding and subtracting up to 20.

Today we are going to work on becoming fluent in additions and subtractions within 20.

We need to be able to answer some sums mentally (NOT using the column method) and the only way this will happen is through lots of practise.

Therefore please attempt the Emoji Mosaics below.

Calculate each sum in your head, then colour that square with the colour it says for that answer.

For example, if the answer is 17, you would colour that square in black.

If correct, you should see it create an Emoji.

What Emojis are they?


If you do not have a printer, why not get your practise using Hit the Button.

Follow the below link, select “Number Bonds” on the front screen and then Addition within 20 and Subtraction within 20.

What is the highest score you can achieve? Make a note of it, then try and beat it!




2.20pm – 2.40pm

Reading Challenge and Mr Gilbey reads (but doesn’t)…

During this Zoom call, we will get an update from Mrs Potts on where our reading has taken us on our trip to Lapland.

Having finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday, we will use this time to talk about the book and what we enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) about it. Dial in to also hear about our Mr Wonka challenge to be set on Friday!