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Thursday 25th June


 Challenge 1: Write out the following words in your neatest handwriting, then underline the sound!

  1. joy
  2. spoil 
  3. soil
  4. boy
  5. noise
  6. boil
  7. enjoy
  8. join
  9. coin
  10. voice
  11. toy


Challenge 2: Choose the correct word from the list to complete these sentences.


  1.  Peter Rabbit is the only ______ in the family.
  2. Mr. McGregor heard a _____ calling his name.
  3. Mopsy lost her favourite _____ down the lane.
  4. I _____ reading books by Beatrix Potter.
  5.  Peter saw a worm wriggling in the _____ .
  6. Peter had not wanted to _____  his new jacket.
  7. Peter saw a shiny _____ on the pathway.
  8. Peter wished he had decided to _____ his sisters,  blackberry picking.
  9. Mrs. Rabbit took care to _____ all the ingredients when  cooking soup.
  10. Peter heard a clattering _____ coming from the tool-shed. 


Challenge 3: Write your own sentences using each of these words. If you can, please try to connect the sentence to The Tale of Peter Rabbit!

  1. joints 
  2. destroy 
  3. boisterous
  4. appointment
  5. loyal
  6. joyfully
  7. avoid
  8. toilet
  9. annoyed
  10. disappointed


Today we are looking at 3D shapes. Click on this link to find out what 3D shapes are, and this link to find out about the properties of these shapes

Challenge 1: Complete page 51 in your activity book.

Challenge 2: Choose a room or area in your home. Count how many spheres, cubes, cuboids, and pyramids you can find - which shape is the most common in your space?