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Thursday 25th February 2021

Hello Nursery,


I hope everyone is ok and continuing to enjoy the daily activity suggestions.  Here are some ideas for today.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese


Enjoy this story and discuss the questions below.

I hope you liked the story.


Talk to an adult about these questions.  The answers were all in the story.


1)  What type of transport did Duck have?  (A truck).

2)  What did the truck hit?  (A rock).

3) Where did the truck get stuck? (In mud/muck).

4) Can you remember the words that were used to describe the muck?  (Yucky and brown).

5) Which animals tried to help Duck?  (Frog, Sheep, Goat).

6) What type of transport did Sheep have?   (A jeep).

7) What type of transport did Goat have?  (A boat).

8) Do you think it was right for Duck to drive away and leave the other animals stuck in the muck? (Various answers but encourage child to say why they think the way they do)

Tidy the Garden

It has been quite windy, but warm this week.  Maybe you could spend some time helping tidy the garden.  This is very good exercise and it is always good to be outside.  

Name Writing

You are getting better all the time at writing your names.  Keep trying and you will get even better.  

Let's Count to 20 Song For Children

Count to 20. Can you say any of the numbers as the appear on the screen?

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