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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning Year 3 🙂


We hope that you all had a great day yesterday and enjoyed some family time outside. We were really impressed with all the Maths work that we saw, you did a great job at identifying parallel and perpendicular lines.


In English today we would like you to answer some comprehension questions about the picture below:

Question time! 

How many balloons do you think are taking part in the race?


What do the crews have to do to win the race?


What does the winner receive?


What obstacles might they encounter along the way?


How many of the crews will make it around the world?


How do you think the crews would prepare for such a journey?


What are the most dangerous things that they might encounter?


It would be great if you could make some of your own comprehension questions based on the picture and challenge someone else to answer them. 


Today in Maths we would like you to complete the ‘converting pounds to pence’ lesson on BBC Bitesize. There is a short video to watch which explains how many pennies are equivalent to £1. Once you have watched the video we would like you to complete the activities below. You can do as many of the activities as you like and for each one you complete you’ll receive 2 dojo points. The link below will take you to the lesson:


We thought it would be a lovely idea to invent our very own Sports Day race today. You may want to combine elements of your favourite races such as the egg and spoon race or sack race. If you want to you can come up with something totally new and original which would be brilliant. Please show us what you’ve come up with by drawing a picture, writing some instructions or even better by constructing the race in your garden and sending us a picture or a video of you taking part. 


We are here if you need any assistance so please do get in touch with us, you can contact us on Class Dojo or via Facebook. 


Have a wonderful day and stay safe.


Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge