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Let's revise our "or - shut the door" sound from yesterday. Have a go at reading these words. 

Challenge: Can you write some words using the "or" sound?



Today we will be writing up the sentences to create the mini-story from Traction Man. Yesterday you built up the sentences using the sentence grid and colourful cards. Use your sounds to write each word you need to create each sentence.

Use our Writing Check Box to make sure you have included everything you need.



I would like you to begin reading your second story today. As we started on Monday, please read the sound page and the story green and red word pages at the beginning before you read.




We will be counting on using a number line today. Complete your Thursday booklet.


Music - U Can't Touch This

Can you find the pulse to this song? Clap, nod your head and wave to match the pulse. Can you dance along or make up your own dance to keep with the pulse?

PE - Rock Paper Scissors Activity

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