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Thursday 14th January 2021

Daily Timetable 

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English RWI Maths Break Times Tables  English Lunch RE Story Time





Good Morning


8:50 - 9:30 



Today in English we will be learning all about instructions, instructions are written for someone who needs to know how to do something. Examples of instructions include recipes, how to play a game, how to make something and also safety procedures such as crossing the road. Today we are going to start writing a set of instructions for someone who wants to make a jam sandwich. You will need to download the Making a Jam Sandwich sequencing activity in the resources section of the webpage and put them into the correct order, we will need this sheet for our online at 11:35 so could you please ensure it is completed by then.


9:30 - 9:55



Today in RWI we would like you to complete the lesson for Set 3 sound ‘are’. Click on the link below and select Set 3 sound ‘are’’ lesson.


Make sure you click on Set 3 sounds on the playlists and then on Set 3 speed sounds with Rosie. When you have finished watching the Set 3 sound video please feel free to watch the Set 3 spelling video too.


9:55 - 10:55



Today in our online Maths lesson at 9:55 we will be learning how to use arrays to answer times tables questions. Arrays are great to use when we don’t know all of the time times tables, especially those tricky 3 times tables. The example below shows how an array is used to answer 3 x 4 =


Once we have completed our 15 minute online lesson we would like you to answer the multiplications below using arrays. We would like you to complete them in your yellow Maths book, please make sure you write the short date 14.01.2021 in the top right hand corner of your book and only write one number per square. Extra dojo points will be given to those children with brilliant presentation.


  1. 5 x 4 =
  2. 2 x 8 =
  3. 3 x 3 =
  4. 3 x 6 =
  5. 5 x 3 =
  6. 2 x 9 =
  7. 3 x 7 =
  8. 5 x 5 =
  9. 2 x 8 =
  10. 4 x 6 =


10:55 – 11:10



11:10 – 11:35

Times table Practise


Today we would like you to log onto Times Tables Rock Star and spend some time practising the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. We can’t wait to see how well you all do so please send us a picture on Class Dojo.


11:35 – 12:25



During our online lesson we will be looking at the sequencing activity that you completed earlier on and we will be writing the step by step instructions that go with each picture. When writing instructions we often use time connectives such as: first, finally, after that, next and then. The sentence below shows how the time connective first has been used.


First take the bread and jam from the cupboard.


The sentence above also has an imperative or bossy verb in it. The verb take is the bossy word in this sentence as it tells the reader what to do.


Once we have completed the online lesson together we would like you to finish writing the instructions for the jam sandwich ensuring you use bossy verbs and time connectives.

12:25 – 1:25



1:25 – 2:05



Last week in RE we were thinking about celebration meals and what special food we eat during these celebrations. There is a very special meal called the Seder meal which is eaten by Jewish people during Passover. The story of Passover tells of how God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Please watch the video below which tells the story of Passover.


On the night that the Israelites escaped slavery God told them that they must eat certain items each year to remember the exodus. The items that they eat each year can be found on the Seder Dish PowerPoint in the resources section of the class webpage. We would like you read all about the Seder Plate to find out what each food item represents. Once you have finished reading the PowerPoint we would like you to download the Seder plate activity sheet and fill in all the information about the meaning of the various food items, please write this information in your own words.  


2:05 - 2:20

Mrs Joesbury Reads


We will be reading more about Horrid Henry during our reading session today. 


2:20 - 2:45



Please spend this time finishing the RE task that you started before our daily reading session. If you have already completed the RE task then please look at the picture below and answer the questions. 

Question time!


Why has the King given his children a dragon?

Do you think it’s a wise decision?

What do you think the children will try and train their dragon to do?

Can you think of any strategies that the children might use to train their dragon?

Where do the children live?

Can you think of a good name for their kingdom?

Why do you think the children will need ‘all the help they can get’ when they come to rule?

Can you think of names for the children?

What is the boy feeding the dragon?

What do you think the girl is carrying?

2:45 - 3:05

Home Reader


We now have access to Bug Club. This allows you to read a variety of books at the correct book band you are on at school. We have allocated your book bands but once you have read all of the books within your current book band it will automatically move you up to the next one. We can’t wait to see how many book bands you move up.

Remember to start each story by using the read to me button and then read the story yourself. After each story make sure you answer the questions at the back of the book to help with your comprehension skills.


The link for Bug Club is:



Your username is your first name only


Password is the same as your Google Classroom one

School Code:

School Code is W3S3


You all still have access to Oxford Owls which provide virtual copies of home reader book and RWI book, remember to match you book colour to the correct one online. The link is below:


Username: kjoesbury/etheridge

Password: Password1


All resources can be found on our class page:

If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page. 


Remember there are Dojo points up for grabs for every picture we see of completed work. If you get 4000 points as a class we will have a surprise when we return back to school.


Have a great day and stay safe.

Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury