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Thursday 11th June

Morning all! Today is our first proper Zoom lesson, second time joining in! Please see the information on the Class Page and check Class Dojo for the specific details. We will work through the Comprehension Lesson together today so please make sure you have your Comprehension Book Two with you, as well as something to write with! Hopefully see you later!


Maths – Follow this link to go to today's lesson, it involves videos, interactive games and some worksheets.

If you want an extra challenge, feel free to pick an activity from the vast range on the nrich “Maths at Home” feature. Here is the link. For each activity, there is guidance, solutions and ways to make it easier/harder.


English – This will be our Zoom lesson today. If you are joining us, please wait to complete the work together. If not, complete CGP Comprehension Book TWO Pages 6 - 7 “Baby Birds” and Pages 8 – 9 “Johnny & the Dead”. Please send a photo of the finished work in.


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


PE – Join in with The Body Coach on YouTube and complete Joe Wicks’ workout.