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Thursday 11th February 2021

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all ok.  You are doing an excellent job with your home learning and I am really pleased to hear on Dojo that you have been enjoying the activities.


Today is 'Safer Internet Day' and in school we will be focusing on using the internet safely.  I realise that children at Nursery age will not be using the internet unsupervised, but the link to the story below is still suitable and contains an important message.  


Here are some more suggestions for today.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese



Random act of Kindness

Do something nice for someone - something that will make them happy.  Maybe you could help them do something, make them a picture or say something nice.  I know it is difficult to see people at the moment.  Maybe you have got a relative you could draw a picture for and then post it to them. 

Nursery Rhymes

I received a lot of really positive feedback about the singing a few days ago.  It was fantastic to hear that you have enjoyed it so perhaps you could spend some time today singing your favourite nursery rhymes.  You may even want to learn a new one or two.  

Lighter or Heavier

Gather some different food items, toys or various other objects from around the house.  

Hold out your hands and place one item in each hand.  Decide which item is heavier and which is lighter.  Compare the items against each other.  Can you lay all of the items you have collected out in a line from heaviest to lightest?  Have a go. 

Recycled Models

Collect boxes, tubs and use them to make a junk model.  You may want to make a robot as shown in the picture above or you may have your own idea about what you would like to make.  You could decorate your model with colouring pencils or even paint.  I would love to see a photograph of your models.


Lower down the page is a story all about a robot.

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