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Thursday 11th February 2021

Today is ‘Safer Internet Day’!



Log onto our Google Classroom page to watch a short video I have recorded for you to introduce ‘Safer Internet Day’. There are two videos on our page for today so please make sure you scroll down and click on ‘Safer Internet Day – Introduction’.


This week you have been beginning to learn about technology and the internet. In our homes we have many forms of technology (e.g. tablets, laptops, phones, televisions, Playstations, Nintendo Switch and Xbox) that use something called the internet. The internet is where lots and lots of computers from all around the world can connect. The internet helps you to play games, watch videos, listen to music, find things out and much more. Nobody is in charge of, or owns, the internet so anybody can put anything on there and not all things are suitable for children.


Today we will take a break from our usual lessons to spend the day taking time to learn how to stay safe when going ‘online’ and using the internet. The theme this year is ‘an internet we can trust’ and we will therefore take time to think about if everything we see, hear and read on the internet is true. There are various activities and ideas to complete throughout the day and, as always, please do these at times that work for you and the commitments that you already have at home.


Throughout the day please remember to take a break at any point that you need it!


Activity 1: Let’s get moving first thing this morning. Can you go on a hunt around the house for technology? What can you find? If you went on a technology hunt on Monday, then your challenge is to now find two pieces of technology in your home that use the internet. I would love to see some photos of what you find!   



Activity 2: Would you believe your eyes if you came face-to-face with a dragon in the forest? Digiduck finds some amazing animal facts on the internet but is surprised to discover they may need checking as they might not be true! Searching the internet for information can be tricky, so Wise Owl swoops in with a plan to put everything right. Click on the link below to listen to the story of Digiduck.


Activity 3: Time to get crafty! We have just heard the story of Digiduck and learnt that we cannot believe everything we see, hear or read on the internet. We need to keep our eyes peeled and think carefully from now on to make sure we are safe online. Your next task is to therefore get your detective outfits on! Take your pick from the following options or you might have another super idea of your own:

  • Make a Digiduck mask using a paper plate, paper, card, paint or crayons or, if you have access to a printer, you might like to print the template below, cut it out and decorate it.
  • Choose a hat to wear as your detective hat today to look out for things that are true and things that are made up.
  • Or maybe you might like to wear a superhero costume and use your superhero powers to spot those things on the internet that are trying to trick us!

Activity 4: Head back to our Google Classroom page once more to listen to me read you a story. I am going to read you a story called ‘On the Internet’ to find out all about what we can do online. Once I have read the story we have got three short puzzles we can play. Remember you can pause the video at any point to discuss what I have read, or the answers to our puzzles, with your adult.



Activity 5: Now we have read our story, take some time to talk with an adult. What do you do online? Do you read/ sing/ dance/ chat? At the moment we are all using the internet for our home learning activities aren't we! If you see something online that upsets or worries you, or something that makes you feel sad, what can you do? Who can you tell?


Remember, take a break at any point that you need it!


Activity 6: Tune in and join us live at 1.05pm for another fun game. We are going to play a game of true or false today! Make sure you have got your detective hat, Digiduck mask or superhero outfit at the ready to spot the things that are trying to trick us!


Activity 7: We have spoken a lot today about talking to adults that we can trust. Have a chat with your adults at home. Which adults can you trust? Adults at home, your family members, teachers at school, can you name the adults that you can always tell if you feel worried, sad or need help? Can you draw, paint a picture or make a collage of one or more of these trusted adults? 



Activity 8: Time for a digital detox! This means it is time to turn the technology off, give your eyes a rest and go and do something fun! As wonderful as the internet is, it is good to take time away from it for our well-being. You might like to go for a walk, a bike ride, play a board game, play a card game, play splat the sound or our skittles game from our maths lesson Monday, paint a picture, draw a picture, bake a cake, whatever makes you happy! Go and have fun! laughyes