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Thursday 11th February

Good morning Year 3.

Welcome to…

We have an amazing day planned today to look at this year’s theme of…

 An Internet We Trust!



Some key differences to our usual day…


  • We have a guest speaker giving us a very special assembly on Google Meet at 10.30am.

Please see the tasks below for more detail.

  • Because of this, we will not be having the usual Maths and English virtual lessons.
  • The 2.20pm virtual lesson will still go ahead to give us a chance to share what we have produced over the day and discuss what we have learnt.
  • Just like a normal day, I would love to see you attempting this variety of tasks so please ask your adults to send me pictures of you and your work.






























“Your internet”

Safer Internet Day



Virtual Guest Speaker

Real or Fake News?





Premier League True or False.


Mr Gilbey Discusses The Day




Google Meet call @ 10.30 





Google Meet call @ 2.20



09.00 – 09.30

Your Internet

Whilst no one can doubt we are using the internet more than EVER before and for many different things, we all have a very different way of interacting with it.


Therefore before we look closer at the theme of today, I want you to use this time to list all the devices you access the internet on.


Once you have listed all the devices you use, have a think and note down what kind of things you do on it.


This will help frame what we are going to look at over the rest of the day.


Below is an example…



What I Use It For


Planning my school lessons

Delivering school lessons


Watching Netflix

Watching Amazon Prime

Visiting YouTube for home improvement help.





09.30 – 10.00

Safer Internet Day 2021 Virtual Assembly

After framing how you use the internet, please watch the below virtual assembly.

This is not a live assembly, so if the first task takes you a little longer, do not worry about starting this one later than the above suggested time, it will be ready for you when you are.

As the presenter goes through this, she does suggest you pause the video and discuss some of the things with your adult.

There is plenty of time to both watch this assembly and pause it as often as you wish, so there is no need to rush through it.





10.15 – 11.15

Virtual Guest Speaker

At 10.30 Nicola Rudge, the online safety Advise from Walsall Council, will give us a virtual lesson about staying safe online whilst gaming – a reason a lot of us use the internet.

Therefore once you return from your break, please click on the below link to go into the Google Meet where this lesson will take place.

A couple of bits…

  • This lesson is NOT in our usual Google Classroom. The only way of accessing it is by clicking the above link.
  • As long as you access the above link from the same computer as you usually join the Year 3 lessons it should let you in with no information required.
  • However it may be wise to have your Google Classroom log in details to hand just in case.
  • Please be sure to be on this call for the 10.30am start. I will be on this call from 10.15am so if you want to join from this time to make sure you are on, please do!
  • We are very lucky to have this time with Nicola Rudge so please make sure you are seated and ready to listen to the lesson for the start time.


Once Nicola has completed the lesson, your task will be to complete a quiz on what has been said. Similar to yesterday’s Science activity, this quiz will be completed on the computer.

Please just click on the below link after Nicola’s lessons and off you go!



11.30 – 12.15

Spotting Fake News


In this session I would like you to read the below presentation which talks about what is fake news, why people would deliberately not tell the truth, and how it can change how some people would feel.

It will also give you some guidance about how you can judge whether a new story is truthful or not.

Lastly you will see 8 headlines that appeared in actual newspapers, but as we have learnt that does not mean they are definitely real.


For each headline I want you to…

Make a gut reaction to if you think it is real news or fake news.

Is it easy to tell if a story is real or fake (especially if we only read it quickly)?

Did you have enough information to make an informed decision?

How might people react to each of these headlines?


Then after answering all 8 headlines, you will find out whether each one was real news or fake news.



1.00 – 1.20

Quiet Reading Time

Despite it being Safer Internet Day, there is always time for some quiet reading. Therefore settle down, get comfortable and have some quiet reading.

Please remember my Bug Club top tips…

  • When reading a book, put it on full screen as this enables you to see and use the back and next buttons clearly.
  • If there is a bug on the page it means you have questions to answer. Click on the bug and that will reveal the question that needs answering correctly before you can move book bands.
  • At the end of the book, once you have answered the questions, be sure to click on ‘finished book’ as that then tells me that you have finished the book and how you have got on with the questions.




1.20 – 2.20

Premier League Premier Stars True or False

Remembering, and using, everything you have learnt today I want you to become an “Internet Detective”.

Below are some facts about the Premier League, but be careful, some are true and some are false.


Teaming up with your adult, your task is to use the internet to gather reliable information to find out which ones are true and which ones are “fake”.

Be sure to read the first page very carefully as it gives you some really good tips to complete this activity.


2.20 – 2.35

Mr Gilbey Discusses The Day

Please dial into our 2.20pm on the usual Year 3 Google Meet link so we can catch up with each other and discuss what you have all learnt, things you have enjoyed and the things we will now do to be sure we only use reliable online information.