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Talk for Writing

In Year 1 we use Talk for Writing to help the children learn all the skills that they need to become confident writers. Through its multi-sensory and interactive teaching it enables children of all ages and abilities to learn to write a wide range of story/text types using various methods including:

  • listening to and learning texts and stories;
  • taking part in drama and role-play;
  • drawing and story mapping;
  • collecting words and language strategies
  • building their working knowledge of grammar.

This programme has 3 key phases which the children work through in order to become confident in writing in a range of styles. These are:

Imitation- during this phase the children learn a model text using actions and story maps.

Innovation- during this phase the teacher and the children begin to change aspects of the model text using their own ideas, eg they will change the setting for the story or change the character.

Invention- During the invention week the children plan and write their own story based on the text type they have been learning.

Stay tuned for a video of our first Talk for Writing unit.