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Story Time

Join us at 1.05pm on Google Classroom today for a story. Grab your blanket, a drink, your favourite teddy and snuggle down ready to listen to our story. Today we are going to read…



Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!


Once we have finished our story, take some time to have a chat with an adult at home...


At the beginning of the story one of the little pigs sneezes everywhere and his mummy tells him off. Everyone sneezes, so what has the pig done wrong?


Have you ever had a cold? Do you use a tissue when you sneeze? Why is it important to use a tissue?


The wolf is usually a baddie in the traditional story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. What do you think of Big Bad? Do you think he is nasty or nice? Does Big Bad blow the house down on purpose?


What do you think of the three little pigs? What would’ve happened if the little pig had given Big Bad a tissue?


You might like to draw a picture from the story. Which part of the story have you chosen? What is happening in your picture?