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Story Time

Join us at 1.05pm on Google Classroom today for another lovely story. Grab your blanket, a drink, your favourite teddy and snuggle down ready to listen to our story. Today we are going to read…


The Girl Who Cried Wolf!


Once we have finished our story, take some time to have a chat with an adult at home...


When Arabella cried "WOLF, WOLF!" was she telling the truth? Why did Arabella lie?


All the townsfolk came rushing to help Arabella scare off the wolf. How do you think the townsfolk felt when they realised there wasn't a wolf? How would you feel if someone told you a lie like that?


Can you remember what else Arabella shouted? Did the townsfolk believe her?


When Arabella shouted "DRAGON, DRAGON!" why didn't the townsfolk help her?


Tom was very brave when he faced the dragon all on his own. What would have happened to the sheep if he hadn't been there? What could have happened to Arabella?