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Story Time

Join us at 1.05pm on Google Classroom today for another super story as part of 'National Storytelling week'. Today we are going to read…


You’re Not Ugly, Duckling!


Once we have finished our story, take some time to have a chat with your adult...


Tufty was different from his brothers and sisters. In what ways was he different? Did Mummy Duck mind that he was different?


The other farm animals were mean to Tufty. Why were they mean? What did Mummy Duck call them? Is it ok to be mean to someone because they are different?


How did Tufty feel? How would you feel if everyone was mean to you? What could you do if anyone was making you feel sad or upset? Who could you tell?


Tufty had a friend in the story called Sparrow. How was Sparrow a good friend? Friends are so important. They might be someone we can share our feelings with.