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Story Time

It is a busy week this week! As well as Children’s Mental Health week, it is also National Storytelling week. Snuggling down with a good book is another way some people like to relax and enjoy themselves.


Join us at 1.05pm on Google Classroom today for another fantastic story. Today we are going to read…


Snow White and the Very Angry Dwarf


Once we have finished our story, take some time to have a chat with your adult...


Angry was cross a lot of the time. What sorts of things make you angry? How can you tell when you are feeling really cross?


Angry the dwarf did a lot of shouting and stomping when he was angry. Is that behaviour ok? How does it make others around you feel?


Snow White gave angry some suggestions to help him calm down. What did she suggest? What could you do if you were feeling angry? There a lots of ways to deal with anger and everyone prefers to handle it in a different way.


Angry managed not to lose his temper with the Wicked Queen. Do you think he will get angry again another time? Is it ok to be angry sometimes? It is important to talk about how you feel.


All the dwarves in the story have names that describe what they are like. What would you be called if you were one of the dwarves?