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A founder member of the Atlas Federation

School Colleagues

Acting Head of School

Mrs J. Wakelam


Assistant Heads

Mrs N. Patel

Mr A. Gilbey (Acting)

Mr N. Leese (Acting)


Middle Leaders

Mrs A. Riley (Inclusion Manager)

Miss A. Nickless (Parental support / Community liaison)


KS1 & 2 Teaching Colleagues

Year 6 - Mr A Gilbey  & Mrs Brant

Year 5 - Miss S Perry

Year 4 - Miss S Ridding

Year 3 - Miss L Cantrill

Year 2 -  Mr K. Lester

Year 1 - Mrs K Joesbury

Reception - Mr N Leese

Teacher - Mrs K Etheridge (Maternity leave)



Nursery & Treetots

Miss S. Millington

Mrs A. Brunt (HLTA)


Early Years Apprentices

Mrs D Capewell

Mrs C Legg



Teaching Assistants


Mrs K. Abbott

Miss J. Amos

Miss R. Bradshaw

Mrs P. Bustin

Mrs R. Chauhan

Mrs S. Parker

Miss A. Hollingworth

Mrs E. Jordan

Mrs D. Owen

Mrs S. Perry (SENTA)

Mrs A. Potts (HLTA)

Mrs M. Price (HLTA)

Mrs M. Schofield

Miss A. Sheargold

Mrs S. Partridge (HLTA)

Mrs A. Whitehouse (Speech and Language Lead)

Mrs K. Wildman


PE Coach

Mr C. Wilson


Forest Schools Leader

Mr C. Wishart


Office Administrators

Mrs B. Kaur

Mrs D. Reynolds



Mr S. Lines



Mrs M. Stanley (Lead)

Ms M. Tothova


Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss J Amos (Senior supervisor)

Mrs K. Anslow

Ms N. Bidsell

Miss A. Hollingworth

Mrs C Legg

Mrs L Morgan

Ms A. McDonnell

Mrs M. Price (HLTA)

Mr M. Rodgers



Mrs M. Jones

Mrs J. Fletcher

Mrs T. Wood


Before and After School Care Providers

Mrs M. Jones

Mrs S. Perry

Mrs M. Price (HLTA)

Miss J. Amos