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Yesterday we learnt how to read and write ‘c’ for caterpillar. Today we are going to learn another ‘c’ sound. It sounds the same but looks different!


Tune into the RWI YouTube channel to practise your speed sound ‘k’, word time reading and spellings today.


I saw a lovely idea of writing in gloop yesterday. Isabelle mixed cornflour with water and added a splash of food colouring to make her gloop. I will certainly be having a go at making this myself soon, it looked like fun and a great way to practise your letter formation. I can’t wait to see more fun and creative ways of forming your letters today.

You were all super sound detectives yesterday and found lots of items in the house beginning with ‘c’. Geraldine has found some items in her house beginning with ‘k’ today. What can you find in your house?

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