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Our sound for today is… w



Can you find the sound 'w' in your pack of sound cards? Below I have some pictures of things that begin with ‘w’. What are they? You went on some super scavenger hunts around your house yesterday for things beginning with 'y'. Can you find anything at home that begins with ‘w’ today?




                 woods                            witch                         window                          web


Tune into the RWI set 1 speed sound lessons on YouTube, join in with Alphablocks word magic or join Geraldine on a hunt around the house for things beginning with ‘w’.

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Once you have practised saying and reading the sound ‘w’, see if you can have a go at reading the words below. Remember to use your Fred talk to help you.






well (remember ‘ll’ makes the same sound as ‘l’)


Can you have a go at spellings these words? Ask an adult to read a word above and then use your Fred fingers to help you spell it. Don't forget, spellings can be done in more ways than one. You might like to use magnetic letters or your speed sound cards to spell words. Or you might like to write your spellings in salt, sugar, or foam. Whatever you prefer! laugh