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Our sound for today is… y



Can you find the sound 'y' in your pack of sound cards? Below I have some pictures of thing that begin with ‘y’. What are they? Can you find anything at home that begins with ‘y’?



                Yo-yo                               Yak                             Yawn                            Yoghurt


Tune into the RWI set 1 speed sound lessons on YouTube, join in with Alphablocks word magic or join Geraldine on a hunt around the house for things beginning with ‘y’.

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Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /y/ sound

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Once you have practised saying and reading the sound ‘y’, see if you can have a go at reading the words below. Remember to use your Fred talk to help you.





yell (remember ‘ll’ makes the same sound as ‘l’)


Can you now have a go at spellings these words? Ask an adult to read a word above and then use your Fred fingers to help you spell it.