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It's time to practise our sounds! Reception are fantastic at this each day. We are going to recap the sounds we have already learnt over the next few weeks to make sure we know them really well and that we can begin to read words containing these sounds. 


During the first lockdown, the Ruth Miskin team very kindly recorded RWI lessons daily and put them on YouTube for us all to access and learn our sounds. I am hoping to begin recording some RWI lessons for you over the coming days and weeks but for today, why not tune into the RWI YouTube channel to practise the sound 'a'. 


At half past 9 each morning, Ruth Miskin will publish the videos for a new sound. As our RWI lesson is timetabled for 9.45 that should hopefully mean that all is up and running when you access it. Each day there will be a new set 1 sounds video for children to practise their: Speed Sounds, Word Time and Spelling. As I said previously, if you need to shuffle lesson times around due to supporting siblings, please do not worry as the YouTube video will be available to watch for the remainder of the day. 


For parents and carers at home, these videos will give you a good insight into how we teach phonics and reading at school. 


Enjoy! laugh