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In Year 1, we apply our phonic knowledge to reading in specific reading lessons. Each week, children will be introduced to a new story and taught to the decode the words they will find within the story. Over the course of the week, children will reread this story to build fluency and speed to their reading. At the end of each week, children will take a copy of the story they have been reading in class home to keep. You'll soon have a great library of stories to share at home!


To support your child at home, we politely ask for you to read this story with your child at least 4 times a week.


This investment will help your child to read accurately, become more confident with newly taught sounds and words and build up their fluency and speed. You can also by support your child's understanding and comprehension by asking them questions about what they are reading. These can be found at the back of the book!


Your child will also take a home another story to read for enjoyment which must be returned to school to be changed every Friday. Please record every time you read with your child in their Reading Record and share any celebrations or comments you have. These can be kept in your Book Bags and be brought to school every day.