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This week some of the sounds we have practised reading and writing are ‘j’, ‘v’ and ‘w’. Click on the link below and enjoy a ‘Phonics Play’ comic that has lots of words containing the sounds you have been learning this week. The comic I have chosen for today is called ‘Pet Vet’.


Try your best to read some of the words for yourself and remember to use your knowledge of sounds and Fred talk to do so. If you get stuck on a word, ask an adult if they can Fred talk the word for you (e.g. v-e-t), listen carefully and then tell them what the word says (e.g. v-e-t, vet). Children can also tell the story using the pictures if they find the word reading a little challenging.


You will come across some sounds you might not be as familiar with today. The special friends ‘ck’, ‘ll’ and ‘bb’ are in this comic book story but don’t let them trick you! 'x' is also in our comic today but this is a sound many children like and remember well.


‘ck’ looks different but makes exactly the same sound as ‘c’ and 'k'

‘ll’ looks different but makes exactly the same sound as ‘l’

‘bb’ looks different but makes exactly the same sound as ‘b’


If a comic isn't what you fancy reading today then please don't worry. Why not read another book on Bug Club, a story on Oxford Owl or practise reading your words by playing games on Phonics Play. Click on the link below to take you there.

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Reception Level Games: 

  • Flash Cards Speed Trial (Phase 2)
  • Grab a Giggling Grapheme (Phase 2 or single letter sounds in Phase 3)
  • Tricky Words Trucks (Phase 2 Tricky Words – if any children are confident on Phase 2 they can begin Phase 3)
  • Buried Treasure (Phase 2)
  • Dragon’s Den (Phase 2)
  • Picnic on Pluto (Phase 2)
  • Space Race (Phase 2)
  • Rocket Rescue (Phase 2)