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As our Google Classroom meet today will be a game of bingo, why not ask nicely if an adult in your house will read to you during our reading time today. You might choose a book from home, your book from school to share with an adult or maybe even a magazine. You might be able to help your adult spot things happening in the pictures or you might use your sounds to read a few words.


Adults, please do not worry if you are trying to juggle home schooling with your own work, housework, caring for little ones and everything else you’ve got going on, these are challenging times for us all. As previously mentioned, Cbeebies have created an app you can download with lots of lovely stories on that are read to the children by the Cbeebies cast and actors. See the link below for details.


Alternatively, why not snuggle down and listen to Andy Day (from Andy’s Dinosaur adventures) read ‘Oddsockosaurus’. This week the theme for Children’s Mental Health week is ‘express yourself’ and in this story, there is a little boy that likes to express himself by wearing odd socks sometimes. This story touches on several different emotions, feelings and behaviours.