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Let’s have some fun with phonics on a Friday. I know many have you have already been enjoying the games on Phonics Play. If you haven’t tried them out yet then definitely head to the website and have a go, they are brilliant games and a great way to practise our reading skills and phonics knowledge. Once you are logged on, click on resources at the top of the page and it will take you to the games. The login details and list of games appropriate to Reception can be seen below.


You may log in with the following details...

Username: jan21

Password: home


Reception Level Games: 

  • Flash Cards Speed Trial (Phase 2)
  • Grab a Giggling Grapheme (Phase 2 or single letter sounds in Phase 3)
  • Tricky Words Trucks (Phase 2 Tricky Words – if any children are confident on Phase 2 they can begin Phase 3)
  • Buried Treasure (Phase 2)
  • Dragon’s Den (Phase 2)
  • Picnic on Pluto (Phase 2)
  • Space Race (Phase 2)
  • Rocket Rescue (Phase 2)


Whichever games you choose to play today, have fun!