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Today we are going to have a go at reading one of our RWI Ditty stories. Below I have attached the RWI Ditties in a link, click on the link and scroll down to ‘Ditty 2 – tag’.


When we read our ditty stories, we begin by practising the sounds in the top box. Once we are confident with all of those, we practise reading the green words (words we can use our Fred Talk for) in the box underneath. Next we practise reading the red words (words that we cannot use our Fred talk for). Our red word today is ‘I’. If any children are struggling to read this word, I recommend writing it down many times on post it notes or different pieces of paper and sticking them all around the house. The more times the children see these words, the more they begin to recognise and remember them.


Once you have done all the above, it’s time to read the story below. Enjoy!


If any children are struggling to blend the words, try Fred talking the words to them (e.g. t-a-g) and see if the children can hear which word those sounds make (e.g. t-a-g, tag). Any questions, please shout.