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We have some brand new books for you to try out today! As a school, we have now signed up to the ‘Bug Club’. This is a wonderful website, full of lovely books that are matched to the stage of your home reading books. Many children were telling stories through picture books before Christmas, however, when you log onto Bug Club you will see I have moved many onto books with simple CVC words in now so that children can begin to decode and read.


The school newsletter this week contains further details about the Bug Club. As children read books they will be awarded points/coins that they can then use on the website to access rewards. It looks brilliant from what I have seen so far! 


For your reading challenge today, check out the Bug Club website and select your first book to read. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to take you to the correct log on page. To log onto the Bug Club you will need a username, password and school code.



Username: first name with a capital for the first letter (e.g. Sam or Gracie-Mae)

Password: this is the same password as the one you use for Google Classroom

School code: w3s3


If anyone is unsure of their Google Classroom password please let me know and I will reissue this for you.


Once you have logged on, click on ‘My Stuff’ at the top of the page.



This should take you to the screen seen below. Here you will see the first lot of books that you can read.



Most books will ask you to practise a few key sounds and words before you read the story. There are also some questions an adult can ask you about the story before you begin.



Once you have read the story there are more comprehension questions at the end to check you have understood the book and what has happened in it.



Enjoy! Any questions please get in touch.