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Fancy trying something new today? Phonics Play is a fantastic website we use at school to play phonics games that help us to read our sounds and begin to read words. Next week I will suggest games you can play at home on here. For today though, we are going to choose a ‘Phonics Play’ comic to read.


Click on the link below to take you to the website. Scroll down to the phase 2 comics and choose a comic to read. I read ‘Pat’ earlier and it was a funny comic. Remember to use your sounds to help you read the words. If anyone is struggling to read the words they can use the pictures to help them tell the story.

If you give these comics a try but they’re not your thing, then pick up good book from home or your school reading book and impress your adults with your super reading. Remember there are always lots of great eBooks on Oxford Owl too.