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It's reading time. If you click on the link below it should open up some RWI ditty stories. Had we have still been in school, we would be aiming to begin reading these ditty stories. 


Your task today is to have a go at reading Ditty 1: Pop. We begin by pointing to and saying each sound on the top row. Next we have a go at Fred talking and blending the words on the second row (e.g. n-o-t, not). We then move onto reading the red words. 


Red words are words that cannot be Fred talked. These are words that we simply have to keep practising and practising to get them to stick in our minds. Below is a link to a tricky words song that Reception loved last year. Have a listen and join in and see if you can remember just one red word for today. Parents/carers, a useful tip with red words is to write the word down lots of times and stick it all around the house. The red words today are 'I' and 'the'. If you have post it notes or small pieces of paper, you could write the words down and stick them on the fridge, door, cupboard, TV, fireplace, anywhere and everywhere you can think of. The more times the children see the words, the more they will remember them. 


Next it is time to read the ditty story. Using your Fred talk, can you read the words in each sentence.


If any children are finding this particularly challenging, how about logging onto Oxford Owl and choosing a nice picture book to read where children can gain their confidence in becoming a storyteller. 


Let me know how you get on.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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