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Physical Development

This morning we are going to work on our fine motor skills. Below are a wide range of activities that I have shown you a few weeks ago. As you will all have different resources to hand at home, I do not like to post a specific activity but rather present you with a variety that you can choose from. Using children’s plastic tweezers, pegs or kitchen tongs to pick things up, scissors to cut out shapes or along lines, cotton buds for painting dots over your name or words, placing counters/sweets/raisins onto wavy/squiggly/straight lines, threading with spaghetti, pipe cleaners or string, screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts, there are lots of ways to strengthen your hands and fingers at home. You might like to have a go at an activity you have done before or you might like to pick a new one for today. Take your pick and have fun!