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Physical Development

The following exercises are ideas taken from Twinkl. All these exercises can help to improve hand/eye/foot co-ordination, hand/ finger/wrist strength, shoulder/arm/leg strength, balance, body and spatial awareness. If the exercises involve being stood up then make sure you stand nice and straight with your feet pointing forwards, shoulders back and looking straight ahead. Take your pick of one or more activities and have fun warming yourself up for the day ahead!


  • Put a small sponge ball into the palm of your left hand and with your arm outstretched in front of you, squeeze the ball to the count of 10. Repeat with the right hand.



  • Get a piece of bubble wrap and use each finger alternately to pop the bubbles.
  • Get a piece of bubble wrap and try to pop the bubbles with your toes!
  • Get a large piece of bubble wrap, hold one end in each hand and wring it to pop the bubbles.



  • Throw and catch a balloon individually or with a partner tracking the balloon with your eyes.
  • Crawl across the floor whilst blowing a balloon!



  • Use your stairs for step-ups if you have stairs in your house or flat. Step up with your right leg first, then your left, then come back down with your left leg first. Alternate which leg you start with.