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Photographs of your home learning

(20.1.21) Thank you for sending in your home learning pictures. Well done for working really hard.

(19.1.21) Nursery you are working so hard at home. Well done to all of you and your parents for supporting you.

(18.1.21) Here are the photographs of all the home learning you have been doing today. You really are doing a fantastic job - well done to all of you for working so hard.

(15.1.21) More excellent home learning activities - you are all working so hard and doing such a brilliant job. Well done.

(14.1.21) I am really impressed with the work that you are doing at home. Well done for working so hard - you are doing an excellent job!

(13.1.21) You are working so hard at home. I am very proud of you. Well done.

(12.1.21) Take a look at the pictures of all the hard work Nursery children are doing at home. Well done children and well done to parents for working so hard. Thank you.

(11.1.21) Thank you for the home learning photographs and well done for working so hard. I hope you enjoyed the story of the Three Little Pigs.

(8.1.21) More pictures of the excellent work that you are doing - well done to everyone. I really like the boats that you have made. You have done excellent writing and maths too.

(7.1.21) We have had lots of photographs today, well done everyone for working so hard. The Gingerbread Man would have gone really mushy if he got wet just like the pictures you have sent in of your experiments. Well done everyone.

(6.1.21) Here are some of the photographs you have sent me of your excellent home learning. Thank you for sending them in and keep up the hard work. Well done.