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Overview of Learning

Learning in Nursery

Learning in EYFS at Moorcroft Wood is a mixture of adult led activities in which the adult delivers planned and purposeful learning and child initiated learning where children choose activities themselves and adults teach through highly skilled interventions. 


Our 'Vision' is central to learning in EYFS at Moorcroft Wood.  

Staff pride themselves on providing exciting and engaging teaching and learning opportunities for all children.  As an ‘Early Adopter’ school we are using the latest ‘Early Learning Goals’ and government produced ‘Development Matters’ document to facilitate the development of an exciting new curriculum based around children’s existing interests but also designed to widen their horizons and experiences. 


We work closely with parents and educational professionals to ensure that we offer the best individual support for each of our children.


We make the most of the wonderful outdoor environment that we are blessed with as a school.

Above all we strive to have happy healthy children who have a love of learning.